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Episode 21: Birth of a Conference: Part 4

On today’s episode of Birth of a Conference, we are speaking with DTM Regina Cruz Morales, Entertainment Chair for the D84 Time and Time again conference. This year’s Friday night entertainment will involve…YOU! Leslie and Regina highlight how you can be part of the festivities.

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Episode 20: Journey to the TedX Stage

What does it take to get on the big TEDx stage? How is the selection process and why is this important to us as Toastmasters? In this episode, John interviews three of our own who have made it to the TEDx stage: Rudy Rivera, Joe Shaw, and Mark Gai. Angela Ardrey-Reynolds joins John on this one.

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Episode 19: Find Your Mojo

“PANDEMIC.” This event has torn through our lives across every aspect from work to play. Nowhere has it been more impactful than in our World, across members, clubs, Areas, Divisions, Districts, and around the World.

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