District 84 Director, Paula Summa, carries the Finland Flag during the Opening Ceremonies

Hello everyone! District Trio Leadership training in Nashville far exceeded my expectations. I attended training sessions and workshops, and got to meet Toastmasters from all around the world. There were over 300 in attendance at training, and over 700 at the convention. The excitement of an in-person training and convention was exhilarating! I don’t know if you saw the opening ceremonies online, but I was in the flag processional, carrying the Finland flag! What a great experience it was!

We are almost two months into this Toastmasters program year, and we are off to a great start! Training has been completed for the Trio, District Leadership and club officers. Pathways enrollment is going up, and several Division have events planned for the upcoming months. There are quite a few new clubs coming down the pipeline, educational sessions being added to the District Calendar and our Super Star Incentive program is up and running! Can you feel the excitement in the air?!

For those of us in the US, the autumn weather brings us fall colors of orange and yellows, less humidity in the air and pumpkin everything! Fall also brings us contest season! This year, club contests begin in October, with International Speech, Evaluation and Tall Tales Contests. Start to prepare your clubs now. Read up on exactly what Tall Tales entails, so your club will be ready to go with plenty of contestants! I encourage all of you to get more involved with contests this year. Start at the club level. Become a contestant, or if you are not ready to compete, volunteer to be a functionary in your club, Area or Division contests. Now that we have initiated the League of Volunteers (LOV) award, participating in contests is a great opportunity for everyone to earn their LOV pin.

District 84 is a District to be proud of! We have an amazing Leadership team, and we are all here to help our members, our clubs and our District grow! Keep the momentum going, my friends! Stay focused, stay strong and stay healthy!


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