A Few Points about Toastmasters’ Speeches

A Few Points about Toastmasters’ Speeches

by Julie Salgo

Table Topics responses are the best way of getting to know each other better. They help our team spirit. If the person has a similar experience or taste, we become instant close friends. If
the response is different from what I would have said, it gives the opportunity to make me think and be open to new ideas.

I learned a long time ago from the Dale Carnegie Courses that for giving a good speech, three ingredients are vital:

  1. You must earn the right to speak about it.
  2. You must be enthusiastic about the subject.
  3. You must be eager to share it.

I remember a speaker who talked about his way of healthy living that included frequent fasting besides the usual advice of exercise and good eating habits. He earned the right to talk about
fasting because he has been doing it for years, at least one day a week. With his speech delivery, he demonstrated the other two.

Another speaker once talked honestly about her dislike of vegetables, and how she was able to mislead her parents by not rejecting veggies on her plate, only skillfully making them “disappear”.
As a grown woman, she no longer misleads anyone. She is one of the most trusted Toastmaster leaders you can meet.

Staying within the given time limit, one of our members who happens to be an accountant, explained clearly what we must know about the difference between having a hobby and owning a small

Hobbies are for pleasure or recreation; businesses operate to make a profit. Hobby expenses are not tax deductible, but if you are running a business (even a very small one), you can write off your expenses. (Ask a tax advisor how to turn your hobby into a legitimate profit-making business if you so

We have heard numerous stories from those members who experienced hardships in the countries they came from, and the initial difficulties learning a new language and getting used to a completely different culture. That is when we learn to appreciate the welcoming and accommodating attitude of the American people, and the gentle Toastmasters evaluators and mentors.

Remember the above-mentioned ingredients with more specific descriptions:

  1. Choose a subject you know a lot about, had our own experience, and/or conducted your research to be convincing enough.
  2. Your enthusiasm will come across, and your audience will “buy it,” whatever you wish “to sell.”
  3. You are prepared, you practiced and now you can hardly wait for the meeting to be one of the speakers on the agenda. You are truly happy when a lot of people hear your message.

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