January - March 2024 Incentives and Celebrations
Check out the incentives earned by our clubs in this quarter!
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Blue Gold Giveaway Winner Instagram Post
Enjoy Division Contest Season!
Congratulations! Let’s all take a moment to congratulate all the contestants at the Club and Area Levels.  They prepared speeches, they practiced and some were even volunteered to represent their...
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Area Director Opportunities for 2024-2025
Join the 2025-25 Team. Area Directors needed Are you interested in growing your leadership skills? Join the District Leadership Team as an Area Director!  You will gain valuable skills while assisting...
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close up of a clock with the words "time to renew"
Reinvest in Your Growth
Dues are Due by March 31, 2024 RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP NOW to avoid a lapse in your access to Toastmasters International. Your renewal also helps your...
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Club Membership Drive - Let's "Talk Up Toastmasters"!
Program Dates: February 1 – March 31 Toastmasters love to connect, so take advantage of it! The Talk Up Toastmasters membership program is the...
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July-December 2023 Incentives and Celebrations
July - December 2023 Incentives and Celebrations
Club Growth and Retention has had such success this year already! We’re finishing the first half of the year on a very strong note and are ready...
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Congrats Area Directors!
These Area Directors completed 100% of their club visits. THANK YOU for your service!
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Find Your Inner Go-Getter with Jocelyn Tyson
Toastmasters District 84 is proud to welcome the 2023 World Champion of Public Speaking, Jocelyn Tyson. Join us on March 21st at 7 pm ET.
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Find out which Contests will proceed to District in 2024
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Officially Speaking & Contest Zoom Masters
New Dates: 10/13/22 at 6:30 & 7:30 PM Meeting ID:8380- 0529 0810 Passcode: 375058 Zoom Link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/83805290810? Become...
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Know & Grow Flyer Speech Contest Training
Get a Competitive Edge!
Don't m,iss this opportunity! Get a competitive edge from world class speaker Mark Gai at 6:30 PM followed by descriptions of the FUN of a Tall Tales Contest...
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The Power of Sharing Your Toastmasters Experience: Building Community Through Club Involvement
Joining a Toastmasters Club can be a transformative experience, offering individuals a chance to connect with like-minded individuals who share a common...
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One More Chance for TLI: Club Officer Training and So Much More
Whether you are an existing leader or are considering the option of stepping up on your leadership journey, we invite you to our upcoming Virtual Toastmasters...
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🌟 Be a Star Presenter at the Toastmasters District 84 2024 Conference – “Just One More Page”! 🌟
Be a Star Presenter: Call for Proposals Are you ready to take center stage and share your wisdom with an audience of eager learners? The spotlight is on...
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Potential Unleashed: Join Us for TLI this February
The TLI experience continues on Saturday, February 10th and Sunday, February 25th. Hundreds have attended! Are you next? Learn more!
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