Freshen Your Outlook and Restart Your Club

Sometimes it takes a painful experience to make us change our ways, and we certainly had some painful experiences this past year. All of us are ready to dump yesterday’s junk and start something fresh; reach for something new. Fortunately, we can create a fresh start any moment we choose – we need only take […]

Episode 03: Are You an Ambassador? Why or Why Not?

For several years District 84 Toastmasters has provided an opportunity for its members to become AMBASSADORS. Just exactly what is a District 84 Club Ambassador? Additionally, for those listening who already know of this great program, did you know that some fabulous upgrades have been added for your benefit? Meet Cynthia Johnson, DTM and District 84 Club Ambassador Chair as she inspires and challenges us to Engage, Educate, and Embrace through the Club Ambassador Program.

Alert: Email Scam

ALERT: District 84, we have learned some members are receiving phishing emails as if they are originated from our District Director or other leadership members. Please protect yourself and beware of scams. These emails appear to be legitimate so be super vigilant. Things to keep in mind: we will never ask you to purchase or […]

Club Officer Makeup Training

Were you or any of your fellow club officers unable to attend the D84 TLI? There is still time to get your officer training in! Other Districts are still offering club officer training and are giving our D84 officers a chance to attend their sessions. Please don’t miss out on this opportunity to fulfill the […]

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