Beth Ramsay, DTM DD


I am looking forward to using my career of 20-years as a professional trainer/speaker as your Program Quality Director to ensure quality in the training opportunities (conferences, TLIs, etc.) and to assist members and clubs in achieving a level of excellence in their own Toastmasters journey.


Although some of the requirements of those training opportunities are set, I try to find ways to do things a little differently when I can and am a big proponent of “less is more” in the training model, preferring to look at what it is we want people to learn, and focus on that while making it fun and useful.


I am also committed to continuing the stand-alone speaking events we’ve been doing since January, as the feedback from those who have come has been quite positive and enthusiastic! To that end, I have established a “Special Events Committee” to bring more events and opportunities to further our skills.



And if all of that wasn’t enough,  we get the pleasure of jumping in to our Pathways tracks and experiencing the robust programs that await us.


If you have questions or suggestions about anything having to do with training, the special events or conferences, please reach out to me. I do and have been reading all conference and TLI feedback surveys, and have already implemented a few of the suggestions for this year.


As always, I am at your service,



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Pim Parpart, DTM PQD


Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Program Quality Director.


My Toastmasters journey began in 1990 when my supervisor told me that for me to advance in my career, I needed to join a Toastmasters club to improve my English. My boss was right, from someone who could hardly speak English to serving as one of District 84 Leaders. I am a living prove that Toastmasters is for everyone.


What is your reason in joining Toastmasters? Did you take advantage of everything that the Toastmasters program has to offer? Please share your story to inspire others to join one of our clubs so they too can improve their lives by improving their communication and leadership skills.


We have so much to look forward to this year.


Pathways is here to stay, and this is my vision for our district “Successful Transition to Pathways for all clubs, resulting in stronger more vibrant successful clubs”



To support all clubs in achieving excellence here is the PQD Team:

Pathways Chair, Club Quality Chair, DCP Chair, Education Chair and Conference Chair


I am here to serve you, please contact me anytime.


Pim Parpart, DTM



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Debi Jo Londono, DTM CGD


I wonder if this happened to you. Sitting down and writing out your speeches, you gained Clarity about who you are and what you want out of life.


As you gave speeches, or made presentations, you discovered that you have a story to tell. You found your voice to help tell that story. You became more Confident in yourself and your ability to tell your story.


You recognized that you are a part of something Bigger than yourself. A part of a family of people, who like you, are on a Journey. A Journey of self-discovery and self-improvement. We are on this Journey together to make a difference.


To me this represents the Toastmasters Experience.



I am excited to work with you to bring this Experience to numerous more people in our District.


Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Club Growth Director.


Debi Jo Londono, DTM


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